What we do

The Construction Process

Let’s start with an outline of how your Randy Fellows home will be constructed. By understanding the construction process, you will know what to look for during the weeks ahead.

After signing the builders contract, the time frame to start is normally 30 to 45 days. It is subject to variables, including local government approvals, utilities, construction backlog and developers delivery of lots.

The amount of time necessary to build a home is dependent upon many things. The largest factor is the weather; especially rain, which tends to slow construction progress. Other factors include the number of changes requested by the homebuyer, and any problems encountered in making those changes.

The Construction of a Randy Fellows home is divided into several stages. Below is a list of the stages that we go through to build your custom home.

  • Home site preparation stage
  • Foundation stage
  • Framing Stage
  • Exterior Trim Stage
  • Mechanical Rough/Insulation Stage
  • Sheetrock Stage
  • Interior Trim Stage
  • Paint Stage
  • Mechanical Trim Stage
  • Final Stage
  • Grading & Landscaping Stage